Gameweek 16: The Snow

In 2010/11 on December 4, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Snow is rubbish.  It is wet, it is cold, it adds an hour onto your journey into work and worst of all can ruin your fantasy premier league game week.

I honestly don’t see anything positive about.  I mean even snow balls.  If you were walking past a muddy field, would a farmer just pick up a ball of mud and throw it at you?  No – then don’t throw a snow ball.

To date in gameweek 16 only Blackpool vs. Man United is called off.  Now that was inevitable wasn’t it, especially following Ian Holloway’s comments earlier in the week;

“We haven’t got undersoil heating at Bloomfield Road, so the club has brought in something that looks like it should be on a fairground. I waited behind it for 10 minutes thinking I could get myself a hot dog!”

Despite the hot dogs cancelled games can royally mess up your gameweek, especially like me when you’ve got 4 players in 1 game.

Not only this but it adds another variable to when picking a player;  are they on form? playing at home? are they cheap?   Now you’ve got to consider the weather forecast and if the teams playing have decent facilities at their ground.  It’s snow joke.

There is only one good thing about snow and fantasy premier league.  Double gameweeks.


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