Gameweek 15: The Turkey

In 2010/11 on November 25, 2010 at 9:36 pm

What do Clint Dempsey, Marcus Hahnemann and Stuart Holden have in common?  That’s right baby, they’re all on the gameweek 15 Thanksgiving watchlist. WOOO!!

Captain Clint – THANKS

Reasons to get Clint Dempsey in your fantasy premier league team;

1.  He raps

2.  He has 3 goals in his last 4 shots against Rob Green (thank you opta joe)

3.  He is Fulham’s highest point scorer this season with 56 points this season and at home to Birmingham there is a strong possibility that Captain Clint might play up front

Stuart Holden – STICK

Stuart Holden is possibly the most steady player in fantasy premier league history.

“Steady Stu” has got 2 points (no bookings, no assists, no goals, no clean sheets) in all but 3 games this season.  Of those 3 games, Stu got 3 points twice (for a clean sheet) and a whopping 10 points in the other, gameweek 13 against Wolves.  Despite this bang average performance, Holden is a neat player and at 5.0 million there could be worst shouts, especially at home to Blackpool.

Marcus Hahnemann – NO THANKS

Big, bald and bad.  Marcus is the thanksgiving turkey.

Not only is his stock going down quicker than Lehman Brothers, he is yet to keep a clean sheet all season.  Wolves are suffering big time in defence with both Craddock and Berra currently injured.  Even though they are at home to Sunderland I can’t see a clean sheet here.  Get Marcus out!!


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