Gameweek 17 – The Academy

In 2010/11 on December 10, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Patrice Evra branded Arsenal football club an academy yesterday,

“For me, Arsenal is a football training centre,” he told Canal+. “You watch the match, you enjoy it, but are you going to win a title afterwards? That’s what people remember.

“It has been five years since they won anything and, for a big club like Arsenal, that is a crisis.

“We can lose against them on the 13th but, at the end of the day, what is there (for Arsenal)? There is nothing. There are no trophies, there is nothing.”

So which players have graduated from the Arsenal academy and who needs to back to school?

Samir Nasri – Top of the class
Samir Nasri’s numbers speak for themselves. 8 goals, 1 assist and 14 bonus points. He has now equalled the number of goals he scored in his previous two seasons and at 6.3 points / game is arguably the most in form player in the Premiership.  1st class with honours. 

Laurent Koscienly – Detention
As Nasri’s numbers are impressive Koscienly’s are woeful.  Laurent is averaging a whopping 1.6 points / game.  For a defender playing for the team (currently) top of the premier league this is pretty incredible.  If we break these down he has; 1 clean sheet, 1 goal, 3 yellow cards, 2 red cards and a points / game ratio lower than Tal Ben Haim and Danny Gabbidon.  He is so far off the pace, if he’d be going any slower he’d be going backwards.  Lunchtime detention.

Jack Wilshire – Future star
Jack ‘s stats are solid if not spectactular so far this season; 1 goal, 2 assists, 4 bonus points, averaging 2.5 points / game.  Although decent you could expect more from an Arsenal centre midfielder with his talent.  Not to sound like Simon Cowell, “having said that” for an 18 year old in his debut fantasy premier league season, these stats are impressive and you could do a lot worst at £4.9 million.  1 gold star. 

So have Arsenal graduated?  We’ll have to wait for Monday night to find out.


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