Gameweek 7 – Click Here To Copy

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With regular host MJMaxwell off on a superfluous scouting trip to Portugal, the opportunity is mine to talk to you about a topic that is usually shunned in Fantasy Football circles, though like insider trading is undoubtedly rife….the art of copying. I have been involved in a couple of conversations this week with people who believe that the ability to see anyone’s team is a fundamental flaw in the DNA of the Fantasy Premier League, citing the Sky version as some form of safe haven from the debauchery & illegalities of copying. While I have many times been left frustrated as others have pinched players that I nurtured into my winning teams I must say that actually, when weighed up, transferring in the unknown gem that your mate found last week who happens to take corner kicks for Swansea is quite a liberating experience, especially if your friend has been banging on about it all week. Alas – the ability to ‘click here to copy’ should be lauded. A special mention at this point to @Bobby_BB, and all the others that have perfected this fine art from my teams over the years.

With that in mind, here are my top three picks to copy this week:

1) Nathan Dyer – the value of this cheap as chips midfielder is rising ladies and gents, so get him in quick. With the Swans playing Stoke, Norwich and Wolves in their next three games, Dyer could be good shout for an October point haul (£4.8m)

2) Danny Welbeck – Back midweek and scoring a double, he’s hot property at the moment, and could partner a fit again Rooney up front against Norwich at OT. At £7m this is the cheapest United forward on the market for many a year and he regularly features – get in quick before his stock rises.

3) Jonathan Walters – At £6m this midfielder sometimes features up top for Stoke and is a slightly cheaper alternative to Matty Etherington. He scored this week from the bench, takes the penalties and is starting to hog the bonus points…all in all a good shout.

Speaking of flaws, the FF bonus points system is getting stranger and stranger, with all David Silva lovers getting a serious kick in the googlies last week after a sure-fire MOTM performance went un-rewarded. Here therefore are my top three recommended players who, due to the new EA system now qualify as PCBGDBP –  ‘pretty crap but getting decent bonus points’….

1) Steven Taylor – large oaf who has benefited from Newcastle’s good defensive form, reaping the bonus benefits with 8 this term so far.

2) Kieran Gibbs – Gibbs has embarked on a two-week period without injury, thus sparking his most prolific spell in Arsenal colours. If he stays out of the treatment room then the left back is a relatively cheap option for an attacking defender.

3) Bobby Zamora – alright he hasn’t got that many so far this year but to give the fella credit, he’s only played three games, has 4 bonus points, 2 goals and an assist #handful. Check all relevant press to make sure he is fit before selecting however…

Enjoy the footy this week and remember, to get one up over your mates, always look to #clickheretocopy..

Written by @adamd8 (Who’s credentials include Champions League success with Barnet during an infamous spell as the Bees manager during Championship Manager 2000 – put that in your pipe…)


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