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Gameweek 37 – bonus point round up

In 2011/12 on May 8, 2012 at 8:03 pm

With bonus points dished out for the majority of this weeks fantasy premier league games, I took a look at the key incidents in gameweek 37.

Where are Adel’s bonus points? WHERE ARE THEY!

QPR vs Stoke player influence

That is all.


Gameweek 25 – The cold

In 2011/12 on February 11, 2012 at 11:54 am

I went to York for the day this week. It was cold (-15 at night). The big freeze is rubbish and it adds a new level of complexity to fantasy premier league – called off games.

Gameweek 25 picks out some big fixtures for the big boys; Man Utd at home to Liverpool, Chelsea away to Everton, Arsenal away at Sunderland (still riding high on the Martin O’Neill effect) and Spurs at home to Newcastle. It looks like one of those weeks where you need to look outside the big boys. But. Who. Is. On. The. Shortlist:

The Yak
Feed the Yak and he will score. The Yak is back in attack for Black-burn. The ex-Maccabi Haifa man, at £5.8million he’s good value for a goal or 2 at home to QPR.

When the ball hits the goal its not Shearer or goal its Zamora. The big man is back in the goals at QPR and has a nice run of fixtures coming up; away at Blackburn, at home to Fulham and Everton. Surely worth a punt.

Gylfi Sigurdsson
#FM2012 legend Sigurdsson has been a great signing for Swansea. So far in 3 1/2 games the Icelander has; 1 goal, 3 assists and 3 bonus points. He’s a nice player and even better he’s on set pieces. Get. Him. In.

That’s all from me. Wrap up warm and good luck in the quest for bonus points.

Gameweek 15 Review – Goalie vs Striker

In 2011/12 on December 12, 2011 at 10:21 pm

It's all about the bonus points scoreboard

I went to the Emirates this weekend to see Arsenal beat Everton 1-0.  Following Arsenal’s 125st birthday celebration the game was quite flat.  Everton were pretty solid although Arsenal got in behind a few times making the most of Walcott and Gervinho’s pace .

Walcott was the best Arsenal attacker for me, giving Baines the run around all game.  That was until RvP did what he did best.  The Arsenal striker’s goal was one of the best I have seen live and surely worthy of 3 bonus points.  The technique was incredible.  It was a shot I have seen attempted many times but never resulting in connection of the ball, let alone a goal.  Normally ending up missed or in row Z.

At the other end there was not much happening and Everton didn’t manage 1 shot on goal.

On my way out of the ground I was talking to my mate about fantasy premier league and bonus points on offer.  Following the RvP goal I thought he was a must for 3 bonus points with the others going to; Theo and Song (for the assist).

When the bonus points were awarded imagine my surprise to see RvP (scorer of goal of the season so far) on joint points with Wojciech Szczesny the (Arsenal goalie) who didn’t have 1 save to make.  When I found out about this (through @labwam) I thought something fishy was going on.  Surely a fix.  I needed to find out more.

It's all about the bonus points - Szczesny RvP

It’s all about the bonus points – Szczesny vs RvP

When I looked at the numbers I was surprised.  Not only did Szczesny make more passes than RvP (30 vs. 22) his pass completion rate was much higher (80% vs. 72%).  Granted the majority of Szczesny’s were under 10 yards to the full backs but still I was surprised to see the GK make more passes than the star striker.

So is a high pass completion rate more likely to be rewarded by #fantasypremierleague with bonus points than a 25 yard first time volley?  It looks so.

Gameweek 10: The Watchlist

In 2010/11 on October 29, 2010 at 3:44 pm

What do Dimitar Berbatov, Nani and Cesc all have in common?  You guessed it.  The gameweek 10 watchlist.

Dimitar Berbatov
What has happened to the brooding Bulgarian?  Following a blistering start to the season (45 points in 5 gameweeks), Dimitar Berbatov’s fantasy premier league form has really dropped in recent weeks, having not scored for the past five games.  Berbatov is an odd fantasy football player.  Languid and placid, we all know how he can look disinterested, but get him in the right mood and the points will flow.  As will the bonus points, having already got 12 so far this season.   At home to his old club Spurs this weekend, gameweek 10 will surely bring bonus points.
Bonus point prediction:  2

Everything you want in a fantasy football player.  Corners, free kicks, goals and most of all he is greedy.  As Gordon Gekko says, “greed is good”, possibly the greatest trait in fantasy premier league; wanting to shoot even though you’ve got better options or playing the hollywood through ball when an easy pass is on.  Greed = points.  Although I am disappointed to see Fergie forcing him to track back (you don’t get points for teamwork), Nani still shoots at every opportunity, which is a plus.
Bonus point prediction:  1

Scrap what I said about Nani, Cesc is everything you want in a fantasy football player.  He is pretty much guaranteed bonus points in every Arsenal home match.  Watch this space for 3 bonus points on Saturday at home to West Ham.
Bonus point predicition:  3

Gameweek 9: The Bonus Point Round Up

In 2010/11 on October 25, 2010 at 10:20 pm

What’s the difference between Andy Carroll and Barry Ferguson?  Bonus points.

Bad week for Carroll
A strange thing happened this gameweek.  Halfway through the first half of West Ham vs Newcastle, Joey Barton crossed deep to the back post.  Andy Carroll headed the ball down and Kevin Nolan banged a goal into the bottom corner.  Nothing strange there; five points for Nolan and 3 points for an assist and likely bonus points for Carroll.

Or not.  Although pretty much every media outlet reported it as an assist, and gave Carroll man of the match, fantasy premier league did not agree. Only six points for his goal. No assist and no bonus points.   Then to rub it in, big Shola Ameobi who must have touched the ball about three times in the whole game got a bonus point.  Another example of the enigma that is bonus points.  Gutted Andy.

Bonus Point Barry
Barry Ferguson has got to be sleeping with someone at fantasy premier league.   This week saw another 2 bonus points for Barry – 10 in total this season, making him the fifth highest bonus point scorer this season.  How does he do it?  In a word, passes.   Last season, Barry Ferguson attempted, 2,169, the most passes in the whole of the league, and he’s at it again this year, as one of only four players who has made over 500 passes this season.  You know what makes it even more impressive?   Of all those passes not one goal or assist.

Gameweek 7: Why is Fantasy Premier League so addictive?

In 2010/11 on October 2, 2010 at 10:50 pm

For the past five years I have been playing fantasy premier league, with my performance steadily improving year on year*.  In 2009/10; I finished 202nd, won my money league for the third consecutive season and lost a mate for two months in the process.

But what makes Fantasy Premier League so addictive?

I was always one of those kids who liked the analytical side of things; more championship manager than pro evo you could say.  I think it was something to do with the combination of football, making money and being competitive with my mates and it is these reasons that makes fantasy football so addictive for me.

Fantasy football can make or break moods whilst giving you a reason to watch crap like Wigan – Wolves on a wet Sunday afternoon.

On this blog I’ll try and uncover any of the fantasy football myths, pick a few players to look out for each gameweek and answer any questions you have.

All except for, “how do they award bonus points?!?”

* Team Alpha points

2006/07 1917 27,811
2007/08 2192 11,403
2008/09 2059 6,670
2009/10 2501 202