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Gameweek 37 – the finishing line

In 2011/12 on May 5, 2012 at 11:10 am

Gameweek 37.  The gameweek after the gameweek before and I’ve got a double gameweek hangover.  This week I take a look at the sub £6million differentials.

Adel Taarabt
He loves a sheesha pipe does Adel.  Despite a largely disappointing fantasy premier league season, Mark Hughes has got the young Moroccan magician playing some good stuff.  With everything to play for he is QPR’s go to man for the next 2 games.  He has scored 2 and got 2 assists in his past 3 games home games and at home to Stoke I predict at least an assist for Adel.

Victor Moses
I love Victor Moses.  What a name and what a player.  He is Wigan’s top performing outfield player this season, scoring more than  41 points than the next best,  Stephen Caldwell.  Moses is bang on form.  With Wigan playing some lovely stuff and games against Blackburn and then Wolves I predict Big Vic to boost his tally.

Tomas Rosicky
Super Tom Rosicky has been in great form for Arsenal and is 1 of the key reasons Arsenal are in 3rd place.  From a fantasy premier league perspective he is a bit annoying as he generally sets up the assist for the assist but at home to Norwich and Arsenal needing a win I can see Tom being in the action.  A bargain at £5.7 million.

Who ever you pick, good luck and may you be blessed with bonus points.


Gameweek 15 Review – Goalie vs Striker

In 2011/12 on December 12, 2011 at 10:21 pm

It's all about the bonus points scoreboard

I went to the Emirates this weekend to see Arsenal beat Everton 1-0.  Following Arsenal’s 125st birthday celebration the game was quite flat.  Everton were pretty solid although Arsenal got in behind a few times making the most of Walcott and Gervinho’s pace .

Walcott was the best Arsenal attacker for me, giving Baines the run around all game.  That was until RvP did what he did best.  The Arsenal striker’s goal was one of the best I have seen live and surely worthy of 3 bonus points.  The technique was incredible.  It was a shot I have seen attempted many times but never resulting in connection of the ball, let alone a goal.  Normally ending up missed or in row Z.

At the other end there was not much happening and Everton didn’t manage 1 shot on goal.

On my way out of the ground I was talking to my mate about fantasy premier league and bonus points on offer.  Following the RvP goal I thought he was a must for 3 bonus points with the others going to; Theo and Song (for the assist).

When the bonus points were awarded imagine my surprise to see RvP (scorer of goal of the season so far) on joint points with Wojciech Szczesny the (Arsenal goalie) who didn’t have 1 save to make.  When I found out about this (through @labwam) I thought something fishy was going on.  Surely a fix.  I needed to find out more.

It's all about the bonus points - Szczesny RvP

It’s all about the bonus points – Szczesny vs RvP

When I looked at the numbers I was surprised.  Not only did Szczesny make more passes than RvP (30 vs. 22) his pass completion rate was much higher (80% vs. 72%).  Granted the majority of Szczesny’s were under 10 yards to the full backs but still I was surprised to see the GK make more passes than the star striker.

So is a high pass completion rate more likely to be rewarded by #fantasypremierleague with bonus points than a 25 yard first time volley?  It looks so.

Gameweek 5 – The Chocolate Leg

In 2011/12 on September 17, 2011 at 9:47 am

Gameweek 5 of fantasy premier league pits the man with the chocolate leg – Robin Van Persie against the team he loves to score against, Blackburn.

RvP is a fantasy premier league galactico.  Last season in 1770 minutes for Arsenal (just under 20 games), the Arsenal captain scored 18 goals, with 7 assists and 27 bonus points.  All in 20 games.  20 games! That is just ridiculous.

This season has not however been so peachy.  Arsenal have not had an easy start to the season and things have difficult for Van Persie who has had to adjust in a number of ways.  He now has the added responsibility of being club captain and with Cesc and Nasri moving on his supply has been seriously limited.  So far this season, in the league, RvP has only 1 goal and 1 bonus point to his name.  Somewhat ironically that bonus point was in the 8-2 defeat to Manchester United.

But could this week be the start of something?  RvP just loves scoring against Blackburn.  As OptaJoe says;

“8 – @Persie_Official has scored eight goals in 10 Premier League games against Blackburn Rovers. Thorn.”

With Gervinho back from suspension to provide some added creativity in midfield it is time for Robin Van Persie to wrap his chocolate leg back into action.

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Gameweek 4 – Transfer Deadline Day

In 2011/12 on September 10, 2011 at 9:47 am

The transfer window has been and gone but who are the must have buys for fantasy premier league gameweek 4?

English Premier League clubs spent £485m in the summer transfer window, up 33% from last year – giving plenty of opportunity for mixing up your fantasy premier league team in gameweek 4.

Emmanuel Adebayor
The lanky striker always starts well.  On 4 February 2006, Adebayor made his Arsenal debut  at Birmingham City and scored after 21 minutes.  For Man City, he scored a goal on his debut against Blackburn Rovers past Paul Robinson in the third minute.  At £8million Adebayor is a fantasy premier league bargain – at least for the first few months when he’s got something to prove.  I predict another debut goal at Wolves.  #buy

Nicholas Bendtner
Big time Bendtner could be a good punt at £6.4million.  Is he as good as he thinks he is?  No.  Will he score goals if he plays up front.  Yes.  At Sunderland Bendtner has something he never had at Arsenal.  He will be starting – every week – and as a striker not on the wing.  Like Adebayor he could be a good punt whilst he has still got something to prove.  #buy

Mikel Arteta
The silky Spaniard  is fantasy premier league royalty.  For the past 5 seasons Arteta has scored over 17 bonus points / season and in 2006/7 scored a whopping 27 bonus points (as well as 9 goals and 10 assists).  Even last season when Arteta struggled with injuries he got 3 goals, 4 assists and 18 bonus points.  For Arsenal we don’t yet know if he will be playing behind the striker or as a deeper centre midfielder but with RvP ahead of him and Theo Walcott on the wings against Swansea you would like to think there are points to be had.  #buy

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Gameweek 17 – The Academy

In 2010/11 on December 10, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Patrice Evra branded Arsenal football club an academy yesterday,

“For me, Arsenal is a football training centre,” he told Canal+. “You watch the match, you enjoy it, but are you going to win a title afterwards? That’s what people remember.

“It has been five years since they won anything and, for a big club like Arsenal, that is a crisis.

“We can lose against them on the 13th but, at the end of the day, what is there (for Arsenal)? There is nothing. There are no trophies, there is nothing.”

So which players have graduated from the Arsenal academy and who needs to back to school?

Samir Nasri – Top of the class
Samir Nasri’s numbers speak for themselves. 8 goals, 1 assist and 14 bonus points. He has now equalled the number of goals he scored in his previous two seasons and at 6.3 points / game is arguably the most in form player in the Premiership.  1st class with honours. 

Laurent Koscienly – Detention
As Nasri’s numbers are impressive Koscienly’s are woeful.  Laurent is averaging a whopping 1.6 points / game.  For a defender playing for the team (currently) top of the premier league this is pretty incredible.  If we break these down he has; 1 clean sheet, 1 goal, 3 yellow cards, 2 red cards and a points / game ratio lower than Tal Ben Haim and Danny Gabbidon.  He is so far off the pace, if he’d be going any slower he’d be going backwards.  Lunchtime detention.

Jack Wilshire – Future star
Jack ‘s stats are solid if not spectactular so far this season; 1 goal, 2 assists, 4 bonus points, averaging 2.5 points / game.  Although decent you could expect more from an Arsenal centre midfielder with his talent.  Not to sound like Simon Cowell, “having said that” for an 18 year old in his debut fantasy premier league season, these stats are impressive and you could do a lot worst at £4.9 million.  1 gold star. 

So have Arsenal graduated?  We’ll have to wait for Monday night to find out.

Gameweek 7: The Watch List

In 2010/11 on October 7, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Lakers - Timberwolves at the o2

Monday night gave me an unexpected opportunity to do a bit of fantasy premier league scouting for Team Alpha.  I was at the o2 to see the Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves. with my man Duncan Master and would you believe it, half the Premiership were there.

As I watched the Lakers get a beating I couldn’t help but think who out of these Premiership boys in the court side seats would get in Team Alpha?

The Watch list

Vermaelen AR 7.4 STICK – goal scoring defenders are hard to come by but at £7.4 million it is hard to see value on this one especially when Arsenal are so leaky at the back.

Fabregas AR 11.8 BUY – the most valuable player on the game in my eyes; penalties, free kicks and guaranteed bonus points – get this boy in!

Van Persie AR 9.6 STICK – injured at the moment but huge points / game ratio when plays.

Vela AR 4.8 SELL – less chance of scoring than a Mexican transvestite.  First rule of fantasy premier league – only get them in if they start games.

Zamora FU 6.2 SELL – feel bad for Bobby.  He was looking good pre-Karl Henry treatment.

Johnson A FU 6.0 SELL – too busy watching basketball – should be in the gym.

Sidwell AV 4.8 SELL – see Vela.  If plays week in week out, worth a punt at £4.8m

Lescott MC 6.4 STICK – interesting one. Seems to be starting games.  City are keeping clean sheets and he used to get goals.  He could be a shout.

Cole A CH 7.9 STICK – tricky.  Will be big point scorer but feel more value in that cash in midfield.

Essien CH 7.2 BUY – the bison has got to have potential.  Free kicks and corners – no, but the bonus men love him!

Ferdinand A SU 4.5 SELL – too much banter, not enough minutes.

Bent D SU 8.6 – BUY – his price is rising.  Has scored 83% of Sunderland goals this year.  Dependable, especially at home.

Cole C WH 6.0 – STICK – nice glasses but for me anything over £5.5 is too much.  Does he even start for them?