Gameweek 6 – Is fantasy premier league the new championship manager?

In 2011/12 on September 24, 2011 at 11:22 am

I couldn’t get to sleep the other night.  After; counting all the countries I had been to, producing my all time Arsenal XI and recreating magical @mjmaxwell goals I turned to Championship Manager.  What is my all time Championship Manager XI?

For me Champ and fantasy premier league are incredibly similar.  They are essentially databases of Premiership footballers whose statistics and figures change throughout the season.  They are both incredibly addictive and simple to play.

I owe my love of fantasy premier league to a misspent youth playing Championship Manager.  It was given to me as a gift from my mate Bev (in the Tommy Svindal Larsson and Brian Laudrup  years), then cost me decent grades at GCSE – in the TonTon Zola Moukoko years.  My Champ playing days hit their peak in the 2001-2 season which for me was when Champ was at its prime.  So here is my team based on that season.

Formation:  4-1-2-1-2

Style:  Direct

Pressing:  Yes

GK:  Andreas Isaksson – Sweden’s number 1, Sweden’s, Sweden’s number 1.

DL:  Ashley Cole – it pains me to put him in but for the life of me I can’t think of anyone who was better.  The only other left beft I can remember is Gareth Jellyman.  Have you got a good suggestion?

DR:  Mike Duff – now playing his trade for Burnley, Duff was a championship manager legend.  A £30k summer signing from Cheltenham did not fail to disappoint.

DC:  Rio Ferdinand – I know this is boring choice but @rioferdy5 was ridiculously good on Champ.

DC:  Taribo West – my 1st action as manager of any team I managed was to sign Taribo West on a free.  7.78 average rating guaranteed.  Taribo was the man.

DMC: Radoslaw Kaluzny – the bruising Pole was always available on a free at the end of the 1st season and his stats were chocker with 20’s.

MC:  Mads Jorgensen – versatile and Scandinavian – the perfect  combination!!  Mads could play anywhere along the midfield.

MC:  Kennedy Bakircioglü – WHAT.A.GUY.  Kennedy is in the Championship Manager hall of fame with Peter Prospar, Tommy Svindal and TonTon Zola Moukoko.  Get him in your team, playing on the right side and you have a superstar on your hands.  He did the business for me when I was Barnet manager.  The fans at Underhill will never forget him.

AMC / FC:  Ronaldinho – the Brazilian superstar’s stats bring a tear to my eye.  Play him behind the front two and there are; goals, assists, average ratings to die for. Ronaldinho was the difference between a good and a world class team.

FC:  Arkadiusz Bak – now I can not take the credit for this one.  The goal scoring Pole was spotted on a scouting mission by @adamd8 and delivered.  He had great stats and a good goal rate.  Probably better behind the  front two but with Ronaldinho in your team he could do a job up front.

FC:  Michalis Konstantinou – another great stats man.  He did the business for me as Valencia.  The tough Cypriot took to La Liga like a duck to water.  His average rating was always high and he got his fair share of goals.  A decent signing from the Greek league and as an English speaker adapted well to the Premiership.

So there it is – my 2001/2 Championship Manager top team – of which only Ashley Cole and Rio Ferdinand are options for fantasy premier league.  Would I get either of them in?  No.

Let me know what you think of my team or if I have missed anyone else through the comments section or on my twitter: @mjmaxwell.


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