Gameweek 1 – fantasy premier league #FAIL

In 2011/12 on August 13, 2011 at 9:49 am

For me fantasy football is all about the last minute gamble.  You can have the perfect team planned for weeks; all positions validated and you are ready for the start of the season.  Content with your team.

But all that can change -and quickly.  All it takes is one article about; Stephane Sessegnon having a free role in training, the pre-season form of Victor Moses or finding out that Matt Jarvis is on corners for Wolves.  Suddenly you begin to question your line up – do I have too much cash in defence?  Can Scott Sinclair cut it in the Premiership?

The last minute changes based on information you will only get at the 11th hour is what fantasy football is all about and is the difference between a good and a great gameweek.  Sort it out fantasy premier league and get the site up and running. #FAIL

  1. I spent hours trying to log in on Friday and Saturday. Managed to get in for a vital 10 minutes. Not that I did me much good. You may like my recent post about this addictive yet frustrating hobby: http://wp.me/1L0iw

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