2011/12 – The end of an era

In 2011/12 on July 30, 2011 at 9:56 am

It used to be simple. Put in Frank Lampard or Cristiano Ronaldo as captain, fill you team up with cheap defenders, sign a striker who takes penalties and away you go. Bonus points would be awarded at random (with discrimination) and you had one captain.

Not anymore. This season the Fantasy Premier League rule book has changed in more ways than one.

1. New rules

Introducing the vice captain; Vicey. The best man. Your number two. Not only do you get the pleasure of picking one captain this season; you get to choose two. This season if your captain doesn’t play you won’t have to rely on ‘form’ or ‘value to decide his replacement, instead you can nominate a vice captain. Will it make any difference? No. Will you have fun choosing a vicey? Yes.

2. Clarity on bonus points

Since day dot of Fantasy Premier League the biggest mystery has been the awarding of bonus points? Cesc Fabregas could basically fart and get one. I always thought there must a dubious bonus points committee, with the likes of Gary Mabutt and John Fashanu awarding points. But this is not the case, or at least not anymore. Fantasy Premier League have introduced the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index to final provide some clarity and transparancy regarding the awarding of bonus points.

3. The death of the midfield galactico

Lampard = Old. Fabregas = Barca. Gerrard = Injured. Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo moved on from the Premier league the midfield galactico has been in decline. Lampard put up a good fight for a few seasons but he is now older than ever and injured. This season, new tactics will have to be adopted. The midfield galactico has been laid to rest.

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