Gameweek 34 – Better than Bale?

In 2010/11 on April 24, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Since last time we spoke Gareth Bale has been named Football Players Player of the Year (POTY), beating Samir Nasri and Carlos Tevez to the punch.  With only 1 Premiership goal in 2011 (on January 1st) is anyone better than Bale?

There is no doubting the Welsh wizards ability; this season in 2294 minutes (25 starts) Bale has got 7 league goals and a massive 3 assists.  In fantasy premier league terms, another 13 bonus points.  A pretty decent season but enough to win POTY – I’m not so sure.  How does he compare?

The Portuguese pretender has had a monster of a season.  In 2401 minutes (26 starts) Nani has; 9 goals and 18 ASSISTS!!  You can add to that 25 fantasy premier league bonus points.  He is the stand out fantasy premier league player of the season with 192 points – the highest scoring player.

Better than Bale?  Hell yeah!

Dirk Kuyt
Now I’m not saying Kuyt should be player of the season but as a work horse of a striker playing on the wing how does he compare to Bale?  In 2455 minutes the ugly Dutchman has; 11 goals, 7 assists and 11 bonus points.  That’s 4 more goals and 4 more assists.  Where was Dirk on the POTY list?

Better than Bale?  Probably not!

Rafa Van der Vaart
Hang on have they got the right Spurs midfielder?  Van der Vaart has got 37 more fantasy premier league points than Bale this season in much less playing time (1906 minutes).  More to the point – he has 5 more goals and 5 more assists.

Better than Bale?  As Opta Joe says – the stats don’t lie.

Theo Walcott
We all know Theo doesn’t have a football brain.  As Chris Waddle says he ALWAYS chooses the wrong option.  So how does young Theo compare to his old Southampton team mate?  In 1335 minutes of playing time and only 15 starts (10 less than the POTY), young Theo has scored 8 goals – 1 more than Bale and  has 8 assists, 5 more than Bale!!

Better than Bale?  Well he doesn’t have a football brain does he …

There is no doubting Bales potential.  For me he will go on to be the best player in the league and maybe one of the best in the world.  But is he there yet?  Look at the stats.

What do you think?


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