Gameweek 30 – The Watchlist

In 2010/11 on March 18, 2011 at 10:57 pm

Gameweek 30 is a funny stage of the fantasy premier league season. Half your league have lost interest, a few are chasing top spot and the rest are just keeping up for banter. Injuries and suspensions are coming thick and fast and as the gameweeks run out each transfer becomes more of a gamble.

Gameweek 30 Watchlist

Dimitar Berbatov
The Count – Berbatov is on terrible form. He has barely played recently and when he has nothing has come off for him. He hasn’t scored in his past 6 games!! So why put him in? Because I just took him out of my fantasy premier league team. I’ve taken Berbatov out of my team twice before this season. The first time I took him out he got a hat trick and 17 points against Liverpool. The second he got 5 goals and 25 points against Blackburn. If ever there was a time to put Berba in this is it.

The Hammer
Thomas Hitzisperger has only started 2 games for West Ham this season but what a 2 games. 6 points at home to Liverpool. Bang. 11 points at home to Stoke. Bang. Bang. The hammer has struck. Get him. Free kicks, corners, goals. Bang Bang Bang.

If O’hara was German he’d have a nickname like the hammer. Maybe the mallet. Wallop. His left foot might not be as powerful as the hammer. Bang. But O’hara aka the mallet is equally dangerous. He was arguably the star man in fantasy premier league last season. This season since he’s joined Wolves he has started 3 games. Wallop. In the past 2 games he has got 10 points / game. Wallop. 2 goals. Wallop. and 5 bonus points. Wallop wallop wallop. Get. him. in. your. team.

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