Gameweek 18 – The Odd One Out

In 2010/11 on December 17, 2010 at 10:25 am

Do you dare to be different?

At this stage of the season, fantasy premier league can get boring.  There are a few players that are in almost everyone’s team;

Joe Hart – 32% (teams selected by)

Ashley Cole – 33%

Gareth Bale – 56%

Nani – 42%

Andy Carroll – 52%

Yawn.  But what do you do?  Go with the crowd or dare to be different? Adam Glekin on twitter wrote:

I’d like to read about the wisdom of deliberately not picking the most popular players and trying to be different

1.  Sort your team out – the key is being happy with your team.  There is no point picking Tal Ben Haim or Jason Roberts just because no one else has got them.  If you are getting decent fantasy premier league points each week then don’t worry about everyone else having the same core performers as you.  It is outside of of this core where you can make the difference.

2.  The “differentials” – once you’ve got your core sorted this is where you can mix it up.  Who are the unfashionable players that are picking up points and have a decent points / game ratio.  They might be set pieces takers, have a double gameweek coming up or even have an easy run of games.

The most important thing is getting the balance right between the core performers that everyone has and a few random players who can make the difference and move you up the league.

So who are these players that can make a difference?  Last season we had Jamie O’hara and Stephen Hunt.  The year before Chris Brunt.  This year … well if I said they wouldn’t be different would they.


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