Gameweek 14: The Altercation

In 2010/11 on November 19, 2010 at 11:41 am

It’s gameweek 14 and things are getting messy.  Managers far and wide are taking on the authorities; Ian Holloway vs the premier league, Roy Hodgson vs the FA and mjmaxwell vs fantasy premier league.  Back in gameweek 4 I had my first run in with the fantasy premier league.  And lost.

Fulham were at home to Wolves and Chris Berra was making his Team Alpha debut (a steal at £4.5million).  The Wolves and Scotland centre back had what can only be described as a shocker.  

Things started ok and Chris was on a clean sheet up until the 49th minute. 

49 minute: Fulham goal – despite losing points, I couldn’t really complain – 2 points for a Wolves defender away from home is fair game.  Then it all went wrong. 

76 minute: Berra makes a soft challenge and gets a very harsh booking – down to 1 point! 

92 minute:  Injury time. Seconds to go.  Berra makes another delicate challenge and another booking, a red card -3 points, Berra down to -1.  A total shower.  Game over.  In a matter of minutes he went from finishing the game on 1 point to -1.  Or so I thought. 

93 minute:  From the resulting free-kick Delembe spanked in a winner, not that I really cared as Berra was already off the pitch by then, safe with his final score of -1 points. 

But when fantasy premier league updated the points there was an error of grave proportions.  Berra was on -2 points, losing another point for conceding 2 goals, despite the fact he was only on the pitch for 1 of those goals. 

I was livid and wanted answers.  How could fantasy premier league make such a blatant error?  Was is a vendetta against Team Alpha?  Why Chris Berra of all people?  I wanted answers and I wanted my point back!! 


User-name: mjmaxwell

Team name: Team Alpha

Registered email address: www.twitter.com/mjmaxwell

Hi there,

I am writing in regards to C.Berra’s points in Gameweek Four for

Wolves against Fulham.

Berra received -2 points in the game, however I think this should

stand at -1 point.

He received -3 for a Red Card, but should be on 2 as Wolves only

conceeded 1 goal whilst he was on the pitch.

(2 – 3 = -1)

Please can you amend accordingly?

Many thanks,


Berra 89 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 -2


Hi there,

From the rules. 

If a player receives a red card they will continue to be penalised for goals conceded by their team.

Kind regards



Rinsed by fantasy premier league.  Lesson learnt.  If you take on the big boys make sure you know the rules first!

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