Gameweek 13: The Watchlist

In 2010/11 on November 12, 2010 at 12:41 am

What is going on in fantasy premier league?  The rule book has been well and truly torn up.  There was a time when you could fill your team up with as many galacticos as you could and you knew that you’d get big points each gameweek. Not anymore.  Name me one premiership big name that has done it this season?  Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard, Torres, Cesc, RvP.  All the big names, that year on year get the big fantasy premier league points but not anymore.

What makes this even more annoying is, that it makes picking a captain even more difficult.  Traditionally rule 3 of picking captain was pick a galactico

“Galactico – Lampard, Cesc, Gerrard, Drogba, Rooney – the man, the one who week in week out delivers.  The man who you pay top dollar for.  The man whose teammates look to for inspiration.  Even when they don’t play well the galacticos get points and more often then not bonus points.  If you are paying top money for them, make them your captain.”

Does that still ring true?  The big boys aren’t really doing it are they.  Although I still believe in backing a galactico for captain, gameweek 14 could be the perfect time for the alternatives.

The Zog
Young Charles is really picking up form.  Following a strong 2009/10 with 146 points, this season started with great promise where The Zog was valued at a cool £6million.  Things however didn’t start well when Charles, like a TFL night worker, went on strike during gameweek 1 home banker against Blackpool.  Anyways The Zog has seemed to turn a corner and is averaging a decent  5 points / game.  With a home match against West Brom (who even on the best of form concede), N’Zogbia’s average points / game will surely go up this week.

The Dam
Charlie Adam – the sulking Scots figures speak for themselves. 3 goals, 3 assists, 13 bonus points, £5.7 million.  Is there better value around in midfielder?  Away at West Ham.  I see bonus points.

Time to Bale out?
Gareth Bale is a strange phenom.  Sky sports big him up to be on a par with Messi and Ronaldo yet his fantasy premier league numbers put him on a par with Sebastian Larsson and Darren Fletcher.  His numbers aren’t good with 1 assist, 0 goals or bonus points in his last 10 games.  How can a player with such ability and hype get so few points?

1.  Focus – Spurs look set up to feed one focal atacking outlet; they have a lot of patient build up play in midfield and then bang, they feed the chosen dangerman when they can damage the opposition most.  Last season this man was Lennon and then Bale.  Now it is Van der Vaart and Bale’s role has become the worst in fantasy premier league – to assist the assist.

2.  The double up – when Bale does get a chance to attack, unlike in Europe (Maicon) he now is being marked by both winger and full back. Although Phil Neville might have got the plaudits for stopping Bale, most of the hardwork was done by Seamus Coleman, who stopped his runs before they even started.

Despite Van der Vaart and the double up, if ever there was a game to get big points, at home to Blackburn and Michel Salgado is it.


    Your a breath of fresh air MJM. Will you be a trailblazer and put NZog as captain?? if you do…so will I

    Await your thoughts.


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