Gameweek 11: The Injuries

In 2010/11 on November 5, 2010 at 1:16 pm

Oh shit.  Injuries and lots of them.  Do you transfer?  Take a 4 point hit?  Keep them in and watch their price drop?  Gameweek 11 presents the first real dilemma week of the season. Tevez, Malouda, Nani, Cesc, Van Der Vaart all doubtful.  Big players that are in most fantasy premier league teams.  If you get an injury to a 4th choice midfielder you can deal with it but to 5 potential starters – that’s a killer!  And you know what makes even more annoying?  They are all doubtful.  Not one is properly injured but doubtful.

What an annoying word.  So vague, so nothing.  It doesn’t give you anything does it? Imagine if doubtful was used in your day to day life,

“Sorry boss I can’t make it in to work today”

“How come – is everything ok, are you sick?”

“No, I’m just doubtful.”

“Oh right, when will you be back in work?”

“Don’t know.  I’m doubtful.”

“Oh right.”

Injuries are much easier to deal with if the player is out for a minimum of 2, maybe 3 weeks.  At least then you can have some closure.  As a general rule if the injury is 2-3 weeks and you can get a decent team, wait the injury out.  If the injury is 3 weeks or more and you only have 10 players out, act early (pre price drop) but most importantly think long-term.  If you bring in a new player will you still want them in three gameweeks time?

  1. i know i’ll still want you in 3 game weeks time.

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