Gameweek 9: The Bonus Point Round Up

In 2010/11 on October 25, 2010 at 10:20 pm

What’s the difference between Andy Carroll and Barry Ferguson?  Bonus points.

Bad week for Carroll
A strange thing happened this gameweek.  Halfway through the first half of West Ham vs Newcastle, Joey Barton crossed deep to the back post.  Andy Carroll headed the ball down and Kevin Nolan banged a goal into the bottom corner.  Nothing strange there; five points for Nolan and 3 points for an assist and likely bonus points for Carroll.

Or not.  Although pretty much every media outlet reported it as an assist, and gave Carroll man of the match, fantasy premier league did not agree. Only six points for his goal. No assist and no bonus points.   Then to rub it in, big Shola Ameobi who must have touched the ball about three times in the whole game got a bonus point.  Another example of the enigma that is bonus points.  Gutted Andy.

Bonus Point Barry
Barry Ferguson has got to be sleeping with someone at fantasy premier league.   This week saw another 2 bonus points for Barry – 10 in total this season, making him the fifth highest bonus point scorer this season.  How does he do it?  In a word, passes.   Last season, Barry Ferguson attempted, 2,169, the most passes in the whole of the league, and he’s at it again this year, as one of only four players who has made over 500 passes this season.  You know what makes it even more impressive?   Of all those passes not one goal or assist.

  1. well i think it’s completely ludicrous.

  2. […] premier league had other ideas.  For some reason the powers that be, fresh from the gameweek 9 Carroll-gate assist scandal, decided to award Simpson with the assist, denying Carroll any involvement in the goal.  I could […]

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