Gameweek 9: The Wildcard

In 2010/11 on October 22, 2010 at 1:24 pm

It is the chance to wipe the slate clean.  A fresh start.  A new beginning.  The Wildcard.

When to play it?

The trick to playing your Wildcard is the timing.  A week too early you’ll be giving the game away, (who are your bonus point boys) and a week too late you’ll have missed the boat and the impact of the wildcard will be limited. 

There are a couple schools of thought with this one;

1.  The early birds – those who play their wildcard within the first few weeks.  To some they are desperate but in doing so you can buy all the form players early before their prices rocket e.g. Berbatov, Nani, Drogba, Bale, adding value to your team.

2.  The play it safes – those who save their wildcard up for a rainy day.  Like picking a midfielder for captain, the wildcard is an insurance policy.  They would be happy not to use it all season if need be.

Traditionally I’ve been a “play it safe”.  Save it up, put it in your drawer and only get it out when your team is in drastic need of restructuring, like when a Galactico gets injured or for your title push. 

The rules have changed?

This year fantasy premier league have changed everything by adding a second wildcard:

“You can play 2 transfer wildcards a season. One wildcard can be played at anytime; the other can only be used between Gameweeks 23 and 27. This extra wildcard will be available after the start of Gameweek 22 (4 Jan 19:30) up to the Gameweek 27 deadline (12 Feb 11:30). All transfers made in the Gameweek your wildcard is played will be without points deduction. You play your wild card when confirming transfers.”

So who is the winner? 

So who does this give advantage to, the “early birds” or the “play it safes”? 

Having the extra wildcard window during Gameweek 23 and Gameweek 27, means that the “play it safes” will have a period of 11 gameweeks* following the extra wildcard to play their original.  This not only minimises the value of the wildcard but it means they would be playing two wildcards in the final third of the season!  To even the most risk adverse of us this is pretty extreme.   

By playing the wildcard within the first few weeks, the “early birds” can reap the benefits of an extra wildcard in the second half of the season.  They will have a window of roughly 20 gameweeks** until the insurance of a second wildcard and then after that only 11 gameweeks, to manage.   Surely a better option. 

The tide has changed – it’s all about the “early birds”. 

Whenever you play your wildcard make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and most importantly make sure you time it right. 

Gameweek 9 Watchlist

Charlie Adam

5 points bonus in last 2 games – need I say more.  Free kicks, corners, goal kicks, throws – the man does everything.  £5.3 million – a steal.

Jose Boswinga

Back from injury and at £5.6 million surely worth a gamble.  Having scored 156 points back in 2008/9 if Jose gets his fitness and form, he could be signing of the season.

Titus Bramble

Big. Brave. Bonus points.  Titus is solid if not spectacular but at £4.6 million – there aren’t many better in that price range.  With two home games in next three games – get him in now.



* Wildcard played in Gameweek 27
** Wildcard played in Gameweek 7

  1. why didn’t andy carroll get 3 points for an assist for newcastle’s first goal – i was gutted??? can you explain the rules???? thanks

    • Hi there critical geezer,

      Great question that I’ve been getting a lot this week. A strange decision to say the least. Maybe it was ruled out because of his court appearance? Are you even sure he touched it?
      More to the point how did Shola Ameobi get the bonus points?


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