Gameweek 8: The Captain

In 2010/11 on October 16, 2010 at 9:58 am

The Captain, El Capitan, da Mannschaftskapitän.  Call him what you will but selecting the right captain can turn an awful Gameweek average, an average Gameweek good and a good Gameweek special.

Your captain brings you double points.  They are the lynchpin of your fantasy football team.  The player you most trust and the player that says the most about your team.  I honestly think that the most important tool for winning your fantasy football league is selecting the right captain.

There are a number of attributes to look for in a good captain.  The ability to “lead by example” – I give you Cesc Fabregas.  The Bravehearts – those who play with passion and inspire – may I introduce John Terry.  But there is only one attribute you need in order to deliver as a fantasy premier league captain and that is points.

How do I pick my captain?

Midfield General – This is your insurance policy.  It is always best to have your captain as a midfielder as they are a less risky option than a goalkeeper, midfielder or a striker.  Midfielders are historically the highest point scorers in fantasy premier league as they have more outlets for points; clean sheets, bonus points, assists and goals.

Set Pieces – Like the midfield general for me it is critical for your captain to be a set piece taker.  Even if they are having an off days the odds are they will get an assist from a corner / free kick.

Galactico – Lampard, Cesc, Gerrard, Drogba, Rooney – the man, the one who week in week out delivers.  The man who you pay top dollar for.  The man whose teammates look to for inspiration.  Even when they don’t play well the galacticos get points and more often then not bonus points.  If you are paying top money for them, make them your captain.

Home Form – I will very, very rarely pick a captain who is playing away from home, so to speak.  You need you captain on home soil, where they deliver and most importantly, where they can get bonus points.

Who have you gone for captain this week?


  1. Great Article MJ. Your tips have just put me top of my league. LOL!

    • Cheers Landon – good to hear … who did you go for as captain this week? Agree with the four tips?

  2. Thanks for all the hot tips MJ – Given all this top notch advice you are giving out, I am guessing you are currently top of your league and smashing fantasy football 2010/11??

    • My pleasure BBB – to be honest it’s been a bit of a slow starter – I think I might need might to rethink my fantasy football business model …

      How are you doing in your league? Who was your captain this week?

  3. Maxwell you have almost inspired me to take it back up again

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  6. […] the big boy back? Once upon a time there was a rule in fantasy premier league.  Back a midfield general and back Frank Lampard as captain. With Fat Frank as captain you were basically guaranteed big points and bonus points each gameweek. […]

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