Gameweek 7: The Watch List

In 2010/11 on October 7, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Lakers - Timberwolves at the o2

Monday night gave me an unexpected opportunity to do a bit of fantasy premier league scouting for Team Alpha.  I was at the o2 to see the Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves. with my man Duncan Master and would you believe it, half the Premiership were there.

As I watched the Lakers get a beating I couldn’t help but think who out of these Premiership boys in the court side seats would get in Team Alpha?

The Watch list

Vermaelen AR 7.4 STICK – goal scoring defenders are hard to come by but at £7.4 million it is hard to see value on this one especially when Arsenal are so leaky at the back.

Fabregas AR 11.8 BUY – the most valuable player on the game in my eyes; penalties, free kicks and guaranteed bonus points – get this boy in!

Van Persie AR 9.6 STICK – injured at the moment but huge points / game ratio when plays.

Vela AR 4.8 SELL – less chance of scoring than a Mexican transvestite.  First rule of fantasy premier league – only get them in if they start games.

Zamora FU 6.2 SELL – feel bad for Bobby.  He was looking good pre-Karl Henry treatment.

Johnson A FU 6.0 SELL – too busy watching basketball – should be in the gym.

Sidwell AV 4.8 SELL – see Vela.  If plays week in week out, worth a punt at £4.8m

Lescott MC 6.4 STICK – interesting one. Seems to be starting games.  City are keeping clean sheets and he used to get goals.  He could be a shout.

Cole A CH 7.9 STICK – tricky.  Will be big point scorer but feel more value in that cash in midfield.

Essien CH 7.2 BUY – the bison has got to have potential.  Free kicks and corners – no, but the bonus men love him!

Ferdinand A SU 4.5 SELL – too much banter, not enough minutes.

Bent D SU 8.6 – BUY – his price is rising.  Has scored 83% of Sunderland goals this year.  Dependable, especially at home.

Cole C WH 6.0 – STICK – nice glasses but for me anything over £5.5 is too much.  Does he even start for them?



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